Reliance Property Management Rules and Regulations

  1. Tenant shall not nor allow any persons to destroy, damage, deface or remove any part of the premises. The tenant assumes all responsibility for damages, beyond normal wear and tear. The landlord shall not be held responsible for loss or damages to any property belonging to the tenant.
  2. Tenant agrees to have renters insurance for their personal property.
  3. Landlord has the right to recover from the tenant any loss caused by fire, vandalism, or other acts if misuse by the tenant or their guests. The landlord can assign such right to their insurance carrier.
  4. No pets or animal are permitted without written consent of the Landlord.
  5. Units to be occupied by no more than the number designated in the rental agreement, and not to exceed 2 people per bedroom.
  6. Guests staying for more than 14 days shall be registered with the Landlord.
  7. The unit is to be used as a dwelling unit, and may not be used for any commercial activity or service for compensation without written permission from the landlord. Childcare is considered a business and will not be permitted without written consent of the Landlord.
  8. Tenant agrees to keep the area of the property clean, sanitary and free from accumulation of debris, filth, rubbish and garbage and to dispose of the same in the proper manner. Medical waste such as needles, blood products and related articles must be disposed of as required by law.
  9. Tenant agrees to keep all common areas including hallways, stoops, laundry/storage area, sidewalks, doorsteps and green space free of personal property. Common areas are not to be used for personal storage.
  10. Tenant shall immediately report all malfunctions of equipment or need for repair to the landlord either by phone or in writing. Damage caused by tenant shall be paid by the tenants well as damage to the building or furnishing beyond normal wear and tear (ex. Overflowing toilets or clogged pipes, etc.)
    1. Locks may not be tampered with or changed without written permission from the landlord. If applicable, entrance doors to the building shall be kept closed and locked. Tenant shall notify landlord immediately of locks do not operate.
    2. Tenant(s) is not to tamper with heating/air equipment, doors or locks, lights or appliances. Telephone wiring services within the unit shall be the tenant’s responsibility.
    3. Discard from windows of household dirt, water, or material of any kind is prohibited.
    4. Tenant(s) and guests are to conduct themselves in a manner to complement the peaceful enjoyment of the premises by all. During the hours of 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM noise must be kept at a minimum, this includes all noise by tenants or guests, both inside and outside of unit.
    5. Tenant will notify Landlord in advance of any absence from the property in excess of 7 days.
    6. Tenant shall deliver all written notices to the address noted on the rental agreement by personal delivery, first class mail or fax.
    7. Tenant agrees to provide the Landlord with a forwarding address upon termination of rental agreement.
    8. Month to Month Tenancy:
      1. The Landlord reserves the right to raise the rent with a 30-day written notice
      2. The rental agreement may be terminated by either the landlord or tenant by providing the other with a 30-day notice to vacate
    9. A 24-hour notice to terminated may be served upon the tenant if the tenant, anyone in the tenants control, or the tenant’s pet threatens to or inflicts personal injury to the Landlord, other tenants or any person on or near the premises, or inflicts substantial damage to the property or commits any act that is outrageous in the extreme, to include illegal activity.
    10. In the event that the tenant does not comply with this agreement or the rental agreement, the Landlord may issue a 30-day notice and if the issue is not remedied with 14-days, the rental agreement may be grounds for termination as determined by the landlord.
    11. This addendum is made part of the rental agreement. Any falsification or omission by the tenant on the application can be grounds for termination of tenancy as determined by the Landlord.
    12. If at a future date the court deems any portion of this agreement unenforceable, only that particular provision shall be affected and all other provisions shall be in force.
    13. Any/all vehicles parked on the property must be in good working order with current licensing/tags or be subject to towing at your own expense.